What people are saying...

Warren, CA

 Winneker Consulting is an excellent resource for identifying and achieving goals. Tristan is one of the warmest and empathetic individuals I've ever had the pleasure of working with. After just one visit with Tristan our business revenue more than doubled and I gained more time off work for family and fun. Contacting Winneker Consulting was one of the most productive actions I've ever taken. Thanks Tristan.

Chris, CA

 I started coaching with Tristan because my business was on a plateau and I wanted to breakthrough to more income and time. I thought I didn’t know what steps to take, but Tristan helped me realize that the steps were right in front of me and I just needed confidence and support to recognize and take them. I didn’t realize how afraid and intimidated I was to take the leaps I needed to take. My business is growing, I’m opening my first office in London which was only a fantasy before working with Tristan, and I feel like the sky is the limit for my business growth and revenue. I feel spiritually and emotionally lighter, and can face challenges without a knee-jerk reaction thanks to my experience with Tristan. I used to be uncomfortable in group settings, but now I’m in groups and sharing with everyone else. My inhibitions are broken down and I have new awareness and acceptance of who I am.   

Brandon, CA

 Working with Tristan for 90 days was not only a wonderful experience because he is so supportive, motivating, professional, and always kindly pushed me to acheive my goals, but also and mostly because I acheived actual results.  It was the best money I have spent in terms of investing in myself.  I have read, and continue to read, books on acheiving more success and fulfillment in life and defining and crafting one's purpose.  They're great tools and reminders.  But, I often forget a lot of the concepts after I finish books and/or listen to podcasts for instance.  Working with Tristan and engaging in his specific weekly coaching program was more than a just reminder of concepts or terms, or practices.  It was all of those things, but much more.  Tristan held me accountable for my dreams and goals that I developed and he did not allow me to sink back into old habits of, yes, laziness and sometimes fear.  Tristan is not the intense type.  He's calm, centered, wise, creative, and has an discernible and authentic passion to help others feel better about themselves and to guide them into leading more of a purposeful life.  I feel fortunate to have met him and worked with him.  I highly, highly recommend him. 

Liana, OH


If you are serious about personal growth and fierce in accomplishing your dreams and goals, Tristan will get you there. When the day comes where I will look at my life and the things I’ve accomplished and pushed through I will say Tristan was one of the main supporters who got me there. His intuition, confidence and overall presence as a coach helps you break down paradigms and get you to your truth and life’s purpose. Thank you!

Tristan is an amazing coach. He helps cut away everything that is not your dream by creating a safe and uplifting environment. No matter what your goals or visions are he supports and guides you with specific and tangible tools that give you visual progress. This gives you motivation to keep moving forward in your goals and development as a person. I am so grateful to Tristan and the Dreambuilder course for expanding my mind and bringing me closer to what my life's purpose is. I am excited to be starting the Life Mastery course this week!

Jean, CA

  DreamBuilder is such a positive and rewarding program. It taught me new life skills and reinforced others that I already had. My husband and I did it together and shared our answers in the workbook with each other before each call with Tristan, and the program really opened doors to each other in our relationship.  


What amazing results would you love to create? With the right support, you could join Warren, Chris, Brandon, Liana, and Jean in achieving amazing new results that up until now you might have thought were just a fantasy or would take years to produce!